Adrien Desport Architects

Interview with the Architect Adrien Desport in one of his  place built, E-Town2 in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 2013.

(Choice of subtitles French or English and HD)

I  arrived in Ho Chi Minh  May 15, 2013, in a torrential rain ,with the monsoon season which extends from May to September with a percentage of humidity of 80% in this region of Asia. A swarm of motorcycles coming every street corner seemed to escort my bus. I had an appointment with Architect Adrien Desport, a French who settled in Vietnam 8 years ago after graduating from the Ecole Boulle and the School of Architecture of Paris Belleville.
Met two years ago in his office, I wanted this time make a recording in one of his place built, E-Town2 Atrium, an airport district. The place we chose was automatically brought to the heart of the matter: a French Architect expatriate in a country sub-equatorial climate openly meets about the technical, philosophical and ethical code of Architecture.
Carol Aplogan

« The duty of Responsibility.
We build, we do not draw only. We built for a client, possibly for the family of the client, certainly for neighbors of the client, for the city around, for society, and then for tomorrow and for future generations.  »
Adrien Desport

(To follow the written interview published with some additional information)

Adrien Desport Architects

Adrien Desport Architects


F-Malric Res-Longitudinal section

Adrien Desport Architects

Adrien Desport Architects

Adrien Desport Architects ( ADA)


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